A downloadable game for Windows

The point of this game is to play competitively with others. The goal is to hold in reach (in magnetized range) as many cubes as possible for as long as possible. Every few seconds the game finds out how many cubes you hold in reach - every cube counts as one point. The game lasts around 2 minutes - the one with most points after this time is the winner.

Launch at least two copies of the game. Use the first one to host, and the other one to join (for debug puproses it is allowed to start a game with just one person in the lobby, however the game is pointless without competition.

Use WSAD to move around.

Left Click to fire a bullet. Use bullets to break up cubes hoarded by enemies. Every few bullets you shoot, One of the cubes in your range dissapears (cost of shooting too much).

Hold Right Click to activate a shield. A shield will deflect bullets, but does not collide with anything else. Holding the shield active costs you a cube every few seconds.

Collect powerups to modify gameplay.


Red Powerups are applied to everyone but you (not necessairly good or bad). Green Powerups are applied only to you.

Lightning Icon - Increased Speed

Turtle Icon - Decreased Speed

Arrows - Inverse Controls

x2 - Double the cubes in your reach

/2 - Halve the number of cubes in your reach


MagnetCollector.zip 11 MB